Thursday, March 27, 2008

The electric monk

We struck up a conversation with a monk on Tuesday night. He was travelling from the far side of the Mekong to a temple in Phnom Penh, where he would stay for a few months while studying English and Computing. There was a computer monitor lying on the ground nearby, which he claimed as his when we wondered who had left it there.

His English literature class is studying Romeo and Juliet, Cry Freedom, and, currently, Oliver Twist, so we were able to help him out with his new vocabulary of words such as 'cold' 'damp' 'freezing' 'crossly' 'misery' and 'coffin-maker.'
Good old Dickens. Anyway, we've been invited to go round to the temple for a coconut any time.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Rob
I hope you do take him up on his offer to go around for a coconut. Makes my life here seem so non-exciting although I'm having fun trying to identify a new bird on my feeder this morning.......I'm turning into a twitcher!!!!!
Love to you both and I hope your last weeks do get somewhat easier.
Jules B xxx